First Time Driver

Advancements in technology mean that more disabled drivers can get behind the wheel than ever before. However, if you have a disability, you still need to complete the same driving test, which is why first time driving lessons in the Surrey area are essential.


During your lessons, you will be able to get used to the vehicle, choose the most suitable controls, and pick your knowledgeable and fully-qualified instructor's brains. Call us now to find out more.

Specialised Cars

Driving a manual may be possible depending on the type and severity of your condition. However, if it isn't, you will need a vehicle adapted to make passing your practical test as easy as possible.


At Dial A Lesson, we have a range of cars, from manual and automatic with adapted controls. Whatever your requirements, we can make learning to drive as hassle free and painless as possible.

Specialised Instructors

Not all instructors are equipped to provide first time driving lessons for people with disabilities. Only specialist tutors can understand your needs and can adapt their teaching style, and car, to your specifications.


If, for example, you have hearing difficulties, our instructors recommend using an automatic car to remove the pressure from changing gears so that you can focus on driving.

Car & Insurance Sourcing

Finding suitable cars and car insurance policies isn't straight forward. At Dial A Lesson, we intend to source vehicles and insurance coverage for anyone who requires it.


Driving a car should be accessible to everyone, and our aim is to ensure it is.