Older Driver

As we get older, our health and fitness begin to deteriorate, and age-related conditions can eventually mean that we have to give up driving. The good news is that this is different for each individual as everyone ages at a different rate, and there is no set legal upper age limit at which a driver becomes unable to drive safely. In fact, there are more than 7 million drivers aged 65 and over currently on UK roads, and data shows that older drivers are actually safer compared to their younger counterparts due to their many years of experience.


While age alone isn’t the only factor when it comes to needing a refresher course, the need for updating our driving skills as we age becomes more important to keep ourselves and others safe on the road.


It is fundamental to help mature drivers maintain safe driving mobility as they get older, and road safety activities play a significant role in this by decreasing the risk of accidents.

At Dialalesson you can find lessons for older and mature drivers in the Surrey area to help keep you safe while providing practical and informative help to support and assist you to continue driving for longer. Refresher lessons will also make things easier when it comes to renewing your driving licence when you turn 70 and will also help to identify if a driving mobility assessment is needed should any medical issues be highlighted.


We also offer car and insurance sourcing as additional services, helping you to locate, prepare and supply your next car hassle-free saving you money, time and more importantly, peace of mind to keep you driving for longer.