Returning to driving

Getting familiar with driving again through a series of refresher lessons could be the perfect option if you are planning to return to independent driving after a long break.

There are many reasons why you might have had to step away from the wheel and are now returning, including accidents and minor or serious illness. Most people return without any difficulty, but whatever the reason, a short refresher driving tuition course is generally always recommended to keep both you and others safe while out on the road.

If your break was health-related, then it’s always essential to check and discuss with your doctor that you are fit and ready before getting back behind the wheel. Your doctor will be able to confirm whether notification to the DVLA is required. They can also advise you if driving again is the best option, or if you perhaps need to extend your break indefinitely.

Contact your local driving mobility assessment centre to discuss the option of booking a practical driving assessment which would check if you are medically fit to drive while looking at your driving abilities. Once completed, you will receive a de-brief alongside some recommended options for the future such as short tuition courses for you to refamiliarise  the yourself with driving, particularly if there has been a change in vehicle or vehicle control. In some cases, the short refresher courses are followed by an assessment review to ensure that the lessons have been successful.

Once you are confident and ready to drive again you do not have to search for the best car and insurance to suit your needs. We at Dialalesson offer returning drivers help in sourcing both car. And insurance in South London and Surrey. We can save you the hassle by finding the best vehicles and deals tailored for you.